April 24

Vocabulary Poem Guidelines

  • Find an interesting word in a book you are reading or that you’ve wondered about before for some reason. Maybe it sounds cool or you’ve always wondered how to use it in a sentence
  • Title of the poem is the word you choose. It should be written EXACTLY as it appears in the dictionary (Dictionary.com)
  • pronunciation should be written underneath title (exactly as it appears in the dictionary)
  • part of speech (from dictionary)
  • Length: It should be at least 4 stanzas
  • Stanza 1: A version of the dictionary’s definition
  • Stanza’s 2, 3, 4 (or more) should begin with:
    As in:
    and then give an example of using this word in a sentence. The sentence should reflect either your personal feelings about a topic using your word; or, the feelings/perspective of a character you are reading about. (Or both, if you choose)
  • The final stanza should use the word and let the reader know what your “So What” is for the word…in other words…why is this word important enough to you that you chose it as your poem subject
  • Make sure you italicize the word in the poem whenever you use it.


Here’s an example from The Crossover by Kwame Alexander (p.104):

 i ron ic

[AY-RON-IK] adjective

Having a curious or humorous
unexpected sequence of events
marked by coincidence.

As in: The fact that Vondie
hates astronomy
and his mom works for NASA
is ironic.

 As in: It’s not ironic
that Grandpop died
in a hospital
and Dad doesn’t like

As in: Isn’t it ironic 
that showoff JB,
with all his swagger,
is too shy
to talk
to Miss Sweet Tea,
so he gives me the phone?




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