April 28

My Vocabulary Poem

Reflection: As I was trying to choose a word for the poem, I struggled to find a word that represented all of the emotions that surround the life and death of Anne Frank. And what her legacy is for me. I thought maybe I should write from my unique perspective as a teacher, who used to be a young girl and student.

Legacy is the word that comes to mind for me. As Anne wrote in her diary, “If God lets me live…I shall not remain insignificant…I shall work for in the world for mankind.” The article ends with the sentence, “Through her diary, Anne Frank lives forever.”
Isn’t that what most of us want? For our lives to have meant something? As a teacher, I want my time in the classroom to inspire others. I want to make sure my students have time to discuss and respond to life in ways that are relevant to them. I am excited to see how my students will respond to this article on Anne Frank. So I’m going to title my vocabulary poem, “Legacy.” 



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