October 9

Welcome Sixth Graders!

Dear Students,

I’m very excited to introduce our  class blog with you. The best part? Each of you will contribute to its AWESOMENESS (is that even a word?!) by linking your individual blog to it!

How do I do that? you may be wondering. That’s okay. That’s what the next few classes will explore. We will be kicking off our journey today by studying last year’s student blogs. As we browse the blogs, please ponder the following questions:

  • What did students do last year on their blogs that you like and may borrow? How will you build upon their ideas and what you discover today?
  • What do you think you could do better?
  • What topics are you itching to write about and share with others?
  • What audience do you hope to attract with your blog? Your classmates or other sixth grade students?  Students in other grade levels here at Eagle Ridge? What adults will be reading your blog? Other teachers at Eagle Ridge, parents, adults in Loudoun County, and the WORLD?!
  • What privacy/safety precautions should we always follow as we blog?
  • How will blogging help us learn and grow as readers and writers?
  • What will your first blog post be about?
  • What title or name will you give your blog? How will it announce your blog’s purpose?

Lots to think about today as we explore. My heartfelt hope for each of you is that you will truly enjoy blogging this year, and find your unique voice to add to the Blogosphere.

Mrs. O’Brien

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Greetings! I'm Mrs. O'Brien! I teach sixth grade language arts for Loudoun County Public Schools in Northern Virginia. This is the classroom blog I created to share all of the fabulous things the students do in class with their parents, teachers, other students, and the entire blogosphere!

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